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The 1890’s era, also known as The Gay Nineties was a memorable time and experience characterized by societal scandal, suffragette movements, and decadent art. ‘Gay Nineties’, the band are no different, delivering an explosive live performance showcasing their clear musical sensibility and style, inspired by multiple decades of artistic influences.
Our Recordings

Split-Single - "Hold Your Fire" + "Letterman"7" Vinyl

Hold Your FireSingle

  • GET IT EARLY - The 7" vinyl split-single featuring "Letterman" and "Hold Your Fire" is available now. Purchase yours and get a the 7", a free advanced download of the EP Liberal Guilt now, and the CD prior to release date. Limited to 500 copies, so get yours now!

Letterman Single

  • Letterman held top 20 on Mediabase Arternative Rock chart for 27 weeks and held peak position of #3 for 6 weeks. This Canadian hit has set the stage for the rest of the record and of course, a couple great tours across the country. (Released January 14, 2014)

Coming TogetherAlbum - EP

  • From the opening drum blast and guitar progression on the first (and title) track of their debut EP Coming Together, The Gay Nineties set the tone with a tight sound, catchy hooks and bop-your-head at a steady pace kind of tempo. The well-produced sound is thanks in part to Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat fame, who mixed and mastered the record.
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